Incoming / Outgoing set ups in details

I wached this carefully Field Delivery - Google Slides - 22 May 2024 | Loom

Thanks Tony for presentation.

I learned now Incoming/Outgoing webhook features became available, but I could not get much of details out of this presentation.

Our own Agent could provide us the unique Webhook API endpoint, but I could not understand how the request body and headers should be configulated. The same story for Outgoing webhook set ups. Appreciate if we could get the detailed documentation or demo session so that we can see the exact steps from A to Z.

I was in attempt to test on my own, but I completely lost my ways on start.

@tony could you respond on this to help clarify with Koichi please. Thanks

Hi @Koichi_Tsuji

When you send a webhook message to your Thunk, the body can be in any format. Your AI should understand whatever format you give it.

You can experiment with this by clicking on the Test button here and paste in your webhook body.

You don’t need to send any headers to your Thunk - the URL is all you need.

Please give that a shot and let me know how it goes.

We’ll have more detailed instructions/videos soon.

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Thank you for your guide, Tony. I followed your demo and guidance here. I managed to set up Incoming message by creating new webhook. It was easy.
In terms of outgoing message, I set up with app id, secret key etc, however, on the right side pane, I can not interact with it. What am I doing wrong?

Hmm, let me debug this. You may get an alert on your account about a new thunk being created.

Thank you. Tony.
I wait for your further

I think I found the problem, the fix should take a few minutes.

In the mean time, I created a copy of that Thunk on your account. The tool chat should work in the copy.

OK, the problem should be fixed now! I added a test message to the chat.

Thank you Tony.
Yes, I managed to interact with AppSheet API through right pane.

Send incoming message from AppSheet.
Thunk AI receive the incoming message as text and make summary of the posted text.

Then how do we set up to make a flow of works after that? I just simply test with
"Make summary of incoming message and send this result back to the requester. Assumption is incoming message contains row ID, using it, update row and column (name of Summary column) with the result.

It looks like your Thunk hasn’t finished planning yet.

  1. Navigate to the “Plan” part of your thunk (left nav)
  2. Click on “OK, proceed” to finish
  3. Edit the instructions in the “Summarize long text” step description (see screenshot)

Once you do that, your Thunk will start to work on the incoming messages that you send via webhook.

Right now, Thunks can be in a “planning state” that prevents any of the AI stuff from working. Once you’re done with planning, then things will start working. This is something we’re trying to smooth out so it’s less confusing.

Thank you, but my site looks different from your screenshot. So I still do not know to set up a chain of flows, 1) incoming message comes in 2) Agent make summary. 3) Agent invoke API back to API using row ID inside incoming message

I will wait for your futher video to learn more details

No worries. It’s evening here so I need to stop for the night, but I’ll get a video to you tomorrow.

Yep, take a good rest and sleep.

Looking foward to tomorow video!

@Koichi_Tsuji Here’s a video getting it set up. Please give it a try! Thank you so much for your feedback so far.

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Hi @tony

Thank you for taking your time to create the video for me.
I carefully review your video and viewed number of times. However, I could not create my own Thunk agent for this simple story, make a summary from input and push summary back to AppSheet table row.
As you mentioned in video, the terms used as “Row” seems to give us and agent confusion. I checked the log for task and Agent invoked API to update record, but using “Thunk UI virtual table row value”. I build a step to update row through API and use the ID value which is on the incoming message. But failed. I lost my way, so now gave up.

Hi @Koichi_Tsuji thank you for your patience and effort.

I took a look at your Thunk and I think I found a few of the roadblocks:

  • Your Thunk was still in the “planning stage” - I saw that you added the Row ID to your Thunk, but didn’t click the “OK Proceed” button in the chat. I clicked that and the Thunk finished the planning phase.

  • Your AI was not including the “id” field from your webhook in the Thunk row. So I added a specific instruction to do that.

  • Your AI was still confusing the “update Thunk row” tool with the “update appsheet row” tool. I updated your instructions to be more explicit about which to use and that.

That seemed to fix the problem.

This is not at all intuitive and it makes sense you weren’t able to get it working. We’re going to try to make this all work together seamlessly in a more intuitive way. Thank you, @Koichi_Tsuji

BTW, your account had hit our GPT usage limit, but I waved it so you should now be able to continue.

Thank you Tony for your advice. I wished to test on my own, but my account seems to be blocked due to running out quota?

Can you have a look into my account?

hmm, i noticed that earlier and unblocked you.

can you try refreshing the page?

and if that doesn’t work, logging out/back in again?