Data Source for Prepare Steps

Hi Thunk team.

I made a thunk of creating a blog post that is suggested.

About and prepair steps are as follows


And I got the following results.

I am very surprised by this content. All of them are topics that interest me personally.:star_struck:
The draft data related to the AppSheet is created exactly related to “my work” as defined in the Goal detail.

One thing I find curious about this experience.
How did Thunk understand that “my work” is related to AppSheet?
Did it refer to other Thunk content, or use my profile on the web site, or something else?

I find it great that I automatically got such output, but some users may be concerned about where the profile data is being referenced from.
Therefore, I would like to know the background.


@takuya.miyai Did you happen to fill out the “About You” section when you signed up?

We will look into providing a better explanation of how decisions like that are made.


Thanks @tony

Yes, I was writing!
(I totally forgot about it)

I see, so Thunk is using this content.
I only wrote it briefly, but I think Thunk will do a good job if I describe it well here.

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Or you could describe it as part of the goal description for the specific thunk.
We are trying to collect and use all the available context so that the AI agent can be “intelligent”. Nice that it worked well in this case!


Yes, by describing “My work” in more detail in the Prepare plan, Thunk will create the ideal list.
I’ll give it a try.