Ai assistant crashes while creating PDF file

I created a new thunk.
1- Thunk name: learning python. (Result: Successful)
2- I added a new task. (Result: Successful)
List Python learning topics from A-Z. Make a plan to work 4 hours a day for 30 days. (Result Successful) made planning.
3- Find documents and websites about weekly trainings (Result Successful) added links to the task.
4- I asked the Ai assistant to check the bottom links of the page of a website that explains Python from A to Z, compile the articles, write them into a PDF file, and save this PDF file to my Google Drive. (Result - An internal error occurred)

I’m sharing screenshots below.




Right. Thanks for reporting this.

For now, could you have it write it out as a Google Doc.

I think we have a known issue with constructing PDF files. We will get that fixed.

thunk wrote in google doc. but it didn’t extract the text from the pages in the sublinks on the pages. It’s not important.

thunk also created PDF files and wrote data into them. While google driver can open these PDF files. Other PDF tools could not open these pdfs.


Hi, thanks.

  1. At the moment, we only read the first N characters of each URL(the value of N is settable on the AI settings pane), and also what can be extracted via a snapshot of what is visible on the first screen when viewing the URL in a browser. So it is possible that the “bottom links” are not part of that.
  2. Could you please share the URL for the thunk (just copy what is in the browser URL bar and drop that in here — our team can see it in debugging mode but nobody else will be able to).
  3. Also, please share the PDF file with and – we’d like to look at it to understand why it seems to be corrupted.


thanks for the answer. I will do what you say tomorrow. The hour is late.

I wanted to reproduce the error. No error occurred.
The agent said it created the PDF file. However, the file it creates is a text format file.
I want to inform you. For your information.