Failure to reference created image file

I have created a thunk that generates a dummy image for the demo app.

Thunk URL: Thunk

I used the following plan initially set up in the spreadsheet pattern Thunk.

When I start Step, Thunk seems to generate a png image.
However, PNG image files saved to Google Drive could not be displayed as images.


Therefore, the preview was not displayed on Thunk either.

What Step should I set up to generate an image that can be referenced?

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Hi @takuya.miyai I’ll take a look at this issue and get back to you soon.

It looks like the system did something very silly:

It tried to create a file on your Google Drive with the content [Image content based on the subject 'Creating the house'] — like, literally that string as the content of the image.

This definitely is wrong - it makes sense that the image data is corrupted.

Can you say a little bit more about your use case? Did you want to use an AI image generation system here (like OpenAI’s dall-e)?

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Hi @tony

Yes, I wanted to have images generated based on text and size information.

I routinely create AppSheet demo apps.
At that time, having an image image that follows the scenario of that app helps the customer understand more concretely how the app works.
For this reason, I use Dalle and MS Image Creator.

I write a prompt each time, but it is a standardized prompt with a theme, image aspect ratio, etc.
I were testing this kind of use case because we thought it might be suitable for Thunk.

However, some AI answered that Dalle3 is not currently supported, so I am thinking that it may be difficult to generate images via Thunk right now.

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That should be easy to add. We already have an image generator using DallE 2 and had provided it to the AI agent as a tool. But it was being called in some situations where we wanted a real image not a generated image. So we disabled it for the moment. We’ll look into that.