Completion of a task and completion of a step

I am confused by the difference between task completion and step completion, I can’t think of any UI improvements, but I want to share another point of confusion here.

This screenshot is of Thunk’s Data created with the Task pattern.

In addition to the default Work on it step, I have added a custom Recording of work hours step.

When I first go from draft mode in Data, the Work on it step is initiated.

At this point, the button to complete the Work on it step in the right pane is “Finish this task!”, which I initially mistakenly thought would lead to the completion of Data.
Because it is a Thunk created in the Task pattern.

I feel the button should have been “Finish this step!” which would have taken less time to understand.

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Thanks @takuya.miyai . We need to get our terminology sorted out - internally we have used Task and Step interchangeably but we shouldn’t be doing that in the UI.

Hi @tony

Yes, I also do not believe that changing the name of the UI easily is the right answer.

It is simply my own feedback that it would have been easier to understand if it had been labeled “Finish this step!”

Let me give you a little more feedback on what confused me.

I believe the current “Finish this task!” refers to these AI tasks.

However, as a first time user of Thunk, I thought it was referring to this Task.

So I was wondering why I selected “Finish this task!” in Thunk with multiple Steps (AI tasks), but it didn’t go Done.

Ah, that is a very useful clarification!!

Thanks. It makes sense. The “Task List” is really a “Work Item List” and the word “Task” is definitely overloaded

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The terms of “task” | “Step” giving me confusion to run through the platform in general. As a quick feedback for you