How to browse completed tasks

Hi, Thunk.AI team.

Can the results of a completed task be used in the next task?
I felt it would be good to be able to define the order of tasks before and after.

For example, the following use case
I need to customize a motorcycle my wife purchased.
(this is a real project😃)

I first described the project outline to Thunk AI and it created a task list. Good.
Next was the task to research rear carriers, the highest priority task, and they found the most popular rear carriers in Japan and I decided which rear carrier to buy. This is also Good.
Next, I opened the task of installing the rear carrier which I decided to purchase.
Then Thunk AI checked the status of rear carrier consideration and installation. I had to explain the rear carrier I had selected in the first task. I think this is a little different from what Thunk AI is aiming for.

I would like the Thunk AI to review the completed tasks and begin by asking the following question
“Is the rear carrier you purchased a Honda CT125 Hunter Cab 2020-2022 Rear Tail Rack?”

This would make the project go more smoothly.


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Great question!

When you want to do a sequence of steps, you want to have a plan that has that flow. The Task List pattern is meant for a collection of independent tasks. But the other patterns are meant to execute a sequence of steps that work on the same data item, filling in more detail as they go. So please try it with the spreadsheet pattern or the workflow pattern. It should be closer to what you want.


Thanks @praveen-Thunk.AI .

It gave us an idea of which pattern to choose when we create our Thunk.

I will try to use another pattern and see which one is appropriate for our project.