Very difficult to selet project patterns upon building new agent

When starting new agent after giving the name, then we move on to select patterns.

Honestly, it is really difficult for us to see which option is the best for us.

I was testing with Thunk AI to build agent to give us “Recommenation for our upcoming travel and tour” My intention was to give entries to AI regarding Place of our travel and day of stays down there. And I expect the Agent will give us the gist of summary for the recommended itinerary and best place to visit. If Thunk AI could access to the live data (unlike Open AI) then give us a head up like "hey you will be visiting this place on xxth August, then there are events like this during that period of time.

Not sure if this kind of AI should be build with Thunk AI though, so I just tested. But the first step to build new agent, I failed.


This is useful feedback. Ideally, we would recommend one of these patterns and steer down the best path.

This example is a bit of a “consumer” use case, but still, we should do it reasonably. In general, if you do not need to repeat the same thing N times with N different items, then go with a Task List. It is easiest and simplest. Perhaps you could give it a try with that?