I want to point the spots I have researched on a map

Hi Thunk team.

I tried to create some thunks for a specific area that would research gourmet spots and tourist spots and point them on a map.

However, the output I got was simply a general map site for the area in question, or simply a listing of spots on GoogleDocs.


What kind of Plan would I need to create in order to get the intended results using map resources in Thunk?

The business scenario I have in mind is as follows.

  1. I am heading from Tokyo to Kyoto City for a business meeting.
  2. My schedule is free in the afternoon, so I want to research and make appointments with companies in the same industry in the vicinity.
  3. I would like Thunk to create a document listing the companies and pointing them out on a map.

In Japan, corporate headquarters are concentrated in certain cities, so sales representatives repeat this kind of work on a daily basis.:smiley:

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This is the results obtained with another Thunk.
Thunk researched and listed tourist attractions in the vicinity of Tokyo, but the map produced was a link to a completely unrelated Tokyo tourist site.


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@takuya.miyai Thanks for sharing your use case here.

One issue is that your AI is not doing well with the web search and finding addresses. That’s a larger problem that we need to work on in general.

But if you do get a list of addresses, I’ve found that you can get links to them as a map like this:

That gives you a Google Maps link. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to directly render a Google Map with multiple markers at the moment.

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I think the ask is for a “Map view” of the data. Which we haven’t currently built, though we could/should

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Okay, surely what I need is Map View.

List the leads that could be converted to business with the Prepare plan, and have a customized proposal document for each lead.
Map View allows me to see where I am going next, and review that proposal document while I am on the road.
I can envision a new way of working with Thunk.:grinning:

I hope Map View will be added to Thunk someday.

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Yes, in the scenario you mentioned, the valuable AI elements are in researching the lead and creating a customized proposal document automatically. In Thunk.AI, we’ve tried to focus initially on these AI automation features because that’s what is creating new and differentiated value.

There are some aspects of the end-to-end solution (eg: Map view) that are pretty standard and don’t need any AI. One way to achieve this (just for the moment) is download the data from the thunk as a CSV and upload it to any tool that shows a map. Not ideal, but it can work.


Thanks @praveen-Thunk.AI

Okay, little by little, I am beginning to see the operations that are handled by Thunk and those that are not.

I could not imagine how to use Thunk with external systems, but it seems to be effective when Map View is needed.

Map View is one of AppSheet’s strong points.:grinning:

Have you had a chance to read this article? It shows a few different patterns for use with an external system. Thunk.AI as an AI process platform | Thunk.AI Help Center

There are more patterns also which we will add soon

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