Language used inside Thunk

For the purpose of testing, I created Agent to make a summary out of long text passed as entries. Once we pass text in Japanese, Agent make a summary but in English. Is there any possibilities the language used in query does match with the language used for results?

It definitely knows how to understand languages and translate. I would suggest a couple of ideas:
a) where you ask for a summary, say “in Japanese”
b) could you try to add an instruction in the AI behavior settings to indicate that you want to interact in Japanese (I believe all of your conversation with the AI agent could be in any language — we have a few hardcoded messages like “Working” but other than that, everything else could be any language)

I took and tryied b) option, changed plan detail and added step like this.

I passed japanese text (extracted from online news) passed as entry, and agent returned summary “In Japanese” eventually. This is good, but as a future plan, do you have multi language options? I mean the platforms main language can be selectable by users to decide which language is main.

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Yes,would like this to be seamless ideally! Most of the UI should translate via Chrome translate, and the agent should respond in the language of choice of the user


In view of the future of the Thunk.AI, where the user community get arcoss the globe, it is surely better that the platform does accomodate any language as main language for platform per users choice.
Kindly keep in mind!

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