We believe it will be a new era

Dear Praveen, I was following you on Linkedin and was waiting impatiently to see what you would do. We came to chase after you because you have proven your maturity. Congratulations on your new venture. We Will Understand First. Then we will find the bugs and send our recommendations.

With respect and love…

Thank you and welcome. Very interested to see what you will build with Thunk.AI. Please let us know what scenarios you are interested in – we can try to help.

Also, do not hesitate to ask any questions — we are in the early stages and there’s things that work well and things where you can get stuck. Please send us feedback and we’ll try to improve things rapidly.


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I have designs in mind. Thunk.I don’t know if he will comply with Ali’s policies. For now, I’m trying to understand the basic philosophy of the work. So what is the vision, where can Thunk.AI take us, where will we evolve? I’m trying to find and understand the answers to these.

I follow your project and do tests. I will share my ideas after understanding the philosophy of the work from my perspective. I’m currently looking for bugs of Thunk.AI. There are two errors that I think I found. I will share it after I am sure.