Separate application and settings views

Hi Thunk team.

I am slowly understanding how to use Thunk, but I need some time.
I can’t offer an opinion on what kind of UI would make it easier to use, but let me post a few things that confused me.

The first thing that confused me was that the configuration and application views are the same.

It is difficult to know which icon menu to use during the initial setup phase and which icon menu to use once the operation starts.

Also, as an Owner, I thought everything was displayed, but it was the same menu for Team members.
I feel that if I set up Thunk and share it with my team members, they will probably be confused as to where to start using it.

I don’t think it is right to simply separate the views, but I am hoping for some kind of UI improvement.

Thanks for your feedback, @takuya.miyai. @praveen-Thunk.AI fyi