Message sending icon

Hi Thunk team.

Conversation pane with agent, but I think there should be a mark to send a message.

In Gemini and Chat GPT, this is the icon that appears like this.

I thought it would be good to have this icon because the following cases are possible

  1. Non-English speaking people like me sometimes use the mouse to copy and paste text created with a translation tool. In such cases, it would be convenient to send the text as it is.

  2. In the case of selecting Google Drive content with the mouse after entering text, it is also convenient to send the text with the same mouse operation.

By the way, I feel that the UI is easier to understand if attachments are on the left and sending messages are on the right, as in Chat GPT.


Thanks @takuya.miyai, this is very helpful feedback.

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Thanks @tony

I often select “Finish this task!” by mistake.:joy: