I would like to add a status available on my plan

Can I add additional Statuses that can be set for each step of the plan?

Also, this status seems to affect the processing behavior of each Data, not just the tag display.
However, I still do not understand what processing is done when each Status is used.

Yes, right now, there is an awkward way to do it.

  1. Open the Status column properties

  2. In the dialog that comes up, scroll down to the Enum section and add an extra enum value (you can only do this if you are the thunk owner)

This second part is very poorly formatted and we wil be improving that.


You should think of the Status as a special property of the thunk. It is not a regular data property/column. Every step of the plan takes the data item from one status to the next status. The order of the enum values reflects the order of the steps. In the plan, the initial and final status values for each step are recorded. So any changes made to this should be done carefully.

Almost always, the only reason to change the Status enum values is if you add or remove plan steps (in the Plan Details pane). We will be making the corresponding enum vaue changes automatic soon for that.


Thanks @praveen-Thunk.AI

I have checked the UI to add status.
I will add it from here and use it in Plan.

I am beginning to understand that Plan and Status are important elements for Thunk.
However, I have not yet been able to create a good plan.
I feel this is due to my lack of experience in directing services and systems in natural language.
In the past, system development has been able to achieve equal results and response if the system is set up in a logical manner.
I feel that Thunk aims to update this concept in a positive way, but I don’t think I have yet been able to become comfortable with the idea.

However, I am interested in this new concept.
Please let me ask questions and give feedback in this community until I can become a little more comfortable.

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Of course. We are learning a lot from your feedback and interaction!

Have you tried copying some of the sample thunks? They are good starting points that skip past the planning.

For planning, if you choose “Workflow”, it gives you the most control over the planning. The other options short-circuit the planning and pick a very simple plan.

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