Best method for getting Thunk to target a specific drive file for processing

When feeding data into a Thunk, if I want to pass along a document reference for the Thunk to consider for a specific row of data, Is it better to pass a Drive File name, or Drive File ID?

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Hi Stefan,

At the moment, we only ask for limited permissions to your Google Drive. So our platform can only read files that (a) were created by Thunk, or (b) you explicitly select via a file picker. So, if you use the file picker next to the chat input textbox, we stick in the text of the link to the file and the platform has the permission to read it. On the other hand, if you cut-and-paste in the link, the platform will be unable to read it.
If you find this cumbersome, then you can go to AI Settings → Connections and do the OAuth signin to give the platform full permissions for your Google Drive. After that, cut-and-paste of a link will work. The particular format of the link doesn’t matter too much, but recommend copying the URL from Drive/Docs. Underneath, the AI model needs to extract the Google file id and use that in API calls. So some link with the id is needed rather than just the file name. The file name by itself is not unique.

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Thanks @praveen-Thunk.AI

I’ve had success passing in both URLs and file names.

For files uploaded through AppSheet, I just created a column that split the folder name off the file name (AppSheet’s default). Worked great!