Trash bin DANGER in Google Driver

Consider a scenario like this.

I worked for a long time and wrote a text that determined the company policies.
My folder from the google driver folder on my computer or
I accidentally deleted the Drive\\policies\default_policies.txt.gdoc file.

Google driver will move it to the trash and automatically delete it after 30 days.

Where is the danger…

1- But is trained on my policies. Consider that I or or AI Assistant will not need the policies file for 30 days. If I don’t have a backup of the policies file, all my hard work will be wasted.

2- or AI Assistant will never know that the file is in the trash since it checks the policies file with fileID.

For this, the existence of files or folders should be checked to see if they are in the trash or deleted when the site is loaded, and should give a warning at the top of the page.

I hope… I didn’t waste your time on this topic.


@Scott-Thunk.AI FYI …

The way the policies system works now is that we don’t store file IDs within the system and we don’t read the drive when you are using the system. We create the original policies directory and files. And when we go to update your policy information within the service we list the documents in that directory and use those to update the service information. You can think of this is we keep an internal snapshot of the policy directory information. We don’t currently monitor the drive and update the policy information from Google drive but it happens if you use the system or go to Your AI, Policies, and request the policy information to be updated. So if you delete a file and use the system or request the policies to be updated in Your AI then that information will be removed from the system.

If I’m misunderstanding the scenario or there is a problem I am missing let me know.