Display the youtube viedo thumnail

Hi Thunk team.

I am in the process of trying Thunk AI and have been given a list of relevant Youtube videos.

At that time I felt it would be better if thumbnails were displayed instead of just a list of URL links.

Using ThunkAI would help motivate me to work on the project in an intuitive way.

Now it just shows up in a list like this.

For example, here is an image.

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Hmm that’s a good question. I tried asking my agent to do this as an example:

I don’t think it can do the embed, but it can render images + hyperlinks using markdown.

So you could try asking your AI to reformat those links as thumbnails + links instead and see what it does?

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Thanks @tony

The output was quite close to what we had imagined.
It would be nice if the thumbnail images were a bit larger, but I will check again to see if such an output is possible.